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Abhishek Verma

Goverdhan Annakut: Unveiling the Grand Feast of Devotion

In the holy town of Vrindavan, where the heavenly stories of Master Krishna reverberation through the ages, the celebration of Goverdhan Annakut remains as a glorious articulation of dedication and appreciation. Annakut, in a real sense meaning “a pile of food,” unfurls as a terrific banquet proposed to Master Krishna.

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Abhishek Verma

Goverdhan Parikrama: A Spiritual Odyssey Around the Sacred Hill

Settled in the core of Vrindavan, Goverdhan Slope remains as a quiet observer to the immortal stories of Master Krishna’s heavenly distractions. Setting out on a Goverdhan Parikrama, or circumambulation of this sacrosanct slope, is in excess of an actual excursion — it is an otherworldly odyssey, an extraordinary encounter

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