Goverdhan Annakut: Unveiling the Grand Feast of Devotion

In the holy town of Vrindavan, where the heavenly stories of Master Krishna reverberation through the ages, the celebration of Goverdhan Annakut remains as a glorious articulation of dedication and appreciation. Annakut, in a real sense meaning “a pile of food,” unfurls as a terrific banquet proposed to Master Krishna. Go along with us as […]

Goverdhan Pooja: Rituals and Traditions of Worshiping the Sacred Hill

The worship of Goverdhan Hill holds a special place in the hearts of devotees in the holy town of Vrindavan. Goverdhan Pooja, a day committed to respecting this venerated slope, is saturated with ceremonies and customs that reverberation the heavenly hobbies of Master Krishna. Go along with us as we dig into the meaning of […]

Goverdhan Parikrama: A Spiritual Odyssey Around the Sacred Hill

Settled in the core of Vrindavan, Goverdhan Slope remains as a quiet observer to the immortal stories of Master Krishna’s heavenly distractions. Setting out on a Goverdhan Parikrama, or circumambulation of this sacrosanct slope, is in excess of an actual excursion — it is an otherworldly odyssey, an extraordinary encounter that explorers embrace with respect […]

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